Alcohol Recovery Poughkeepsie

People who are struggling with substance abuse and alcohol addiction have a tough road ahead of them. It is important for addicts to have access to a supportive team of seasoned professionals to guide them through the recovery process. Addiction recovery centers in Poughkeepsie provide the effective individualized addiction counseling that patients need.

The one-size-fits-all approach cannot work for people in addiction because of the complexities of the disease. Alcohol recovery, for example, requires careful evaluation of the individual. Their current health status, psychological makeup and medical history must be taken into account in order to select the treatment modules that will be most effective. Although the alcohol recovery process can feel overwhelming at times, it can be done; and many have achieved it with the right type of support and treatment.

You may need alcohol recovery treatment if...

    1. Your drinking is escalating. You find yourself needing more and more each time you drink.
    2. You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms a few hours without alcohol.
    3. Indulging in risky behavior while intoxicated such as driving drunk.
    4. You behavior is being affected by your alcohol abuse such as missing days from work or being drunk while at work.
    5. Your alcohol consumption is affecting important areas of your life, but you just cannot give it up.

People who are dependent on alcohol usually stay in denial for a long time. They tell themselves they can stop whenever they want, but rarely ever do until the dependence becomes both physically and psychological debilitating. In other words, they have become addicted to alcohol.

Treatment for Alcohol Recovery

Depending on how you want to approach your treatment, alcoholism treatment in Poughkeepsie offers the following treatment options to choose from:

      • Residential/Inpatient
      • Partial Hospitalization
      • Intensive Outpatient

Long term residential treatment programs that last for 30 to 90 days have been shown to be the most effective in treating addiction. Studies show that people who participate in these programs tend to have less relapse occurrences.

Drug rehab centers work closely with Alcoholic Anonymous programs to give addicts the best chance of getting and staying sober. They provide education that helps recovering alcoholics to live and enjoy life without the burden of alcoholism. Group counseling programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous have been helping people for decades. Regular meetings with peers provide a great environment for people to overcome their addiction.

Relapse prevention training also provides tools that enable people in recovery to be around alcohol without giving in to the temptation. Although friends and family who drink will try to be supportive, they will not stop drinking in your presence just because you are in recovery. Therefore, knowing how to stay sober in an environment where people are drinking is an important element of recovery.

The continuum of care offered at treatment facilities is designed to address varying stages and types of addiction. For those who prefer to recover with primarily holistic treatments, board-certified treatment specialists have the qualifications, experience and training to provide that as well. Whichever program you choose, just know that alcohol abuse treatment programs are your best chance for treating the problem and staying sober. Once you leave the center, aftercare and Alcoholic Anonymous programs provide the support and counseling you need to stay on the right path. When alcohol addiction is left untreated it can have devastating effects on the addict and those they love. It can destroy careers, marriages and family life; not to mention the deterioration of the physical body and mental health. Don't let alcohol control another day of your life. Call Poughkeepsie Drug Treatment Centers today at (845) 207-5168 for help finding treatment centers to choose from.

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