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Drug rehab centers in Poughkeepsie, understand the need of taking a personalized approach to provide programs that are tailored for each individual patient. Even so, in designing these individualized drug treatment programs, they incorporate evidence-based gender-specific programs to achieve the highest quality rehabilitation results possible.

Although women are more susceptible to the negative effects of drugs, studies show they are also more likely to seek drug treatment earlier than men. These subtle differences in approach to addiction make it clear that drug treatment programs cannot be generic.

Addiction in Women

Up until the 1990's, drug addiction was seen as a condition that primarily afflicted men. As a result, research was focused on the physical and psychologically impact drugs had on men. However, with substance abuse increasing among women, and the rapid onset of medical and social consequences, research criteria have now veered towards addiction in women. The challenges women face when it comes to addiction and substance abuse are widespread; including greater guilt, shame and the physical and emotional problems associated with drug use.

At drug rehab centers in Poughkeepsie, they truly understand the needs of women. They provide specialized programs where female patients can interact and share their experiences without fear of judgment. It makes the recovery process smoother when you feel safe and heard by your peers.

Addiction in Men

A man's reaction to the problem of an addiction is markedly different from that of a woman. For one thing, men's pride tends to drive whether they seek treatment or not. Typically, a man may not seek treatment because of the false assumption that asking for help is an indication of weakness. As a result, many go through the ups and downs of trying to halt drug use. They are more susceptible to relapse when they take this approach. Often this cyclical behavior is the cause of drug overdose and fatalities. Drug treatment programs provide opportunities for men to interact with fellow sufferers of the same gender. They are sensitive to the issues specific to men and create environments that facilitate these needs.


Without the proper treatment and support, the fate of both men and women trapped in an addictive lifestyle, is dismal. Although most people have the desire to free themselves, they may not have the right tools, education and psychological training to accomplish this. Rehab centers provide optimum care, teaching individuals how to overcome their addictions through specialized treatment protocols that are customized for them.

Poughkeepsie rehab centers also provide a safe place to detox and rebuild your life one victory at a time. Programs are continually re-evaluated and amended with input from the patient. This ensures that treatment stays on track, and the person in recovery is moving at their own pace. Because long term sobriety is the ultimate goal, relapse prevention is a critical component of a rehab program. In other words, they pay special attention to the education and training that is necessary to ensure that recovering addicts understand their unique triggers and how to intercept them or overcome them as quickly as possible.

Some people avoid entering a drug treatment center or alcohol rehab simply because they are not aware of the myriad of benefits that they can gain from this experience.

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